Don't be YELPless! Five tips to help you take control of your YELP page - Socials Smarts Media

YELP can be a business’ best friend or worst enemy. Bad reviews from customers or former employees can be frustrating and sometimes unfair. Though the success of YELP hinges on honest and credible reviews, there are still some strategies businesses can implement to boost their score in honest ways.

I am an Elite Yelper (Follow me here). I believe in it. I, honestly, would be lost without it. Given that, you can take these suggestions not as a professional, but from a fan of YELP.

1.) Offer a check-in coupon or YELP deal. (See the details on those, ) These help your business because YELP will feature coupons and push your profiles out to drive revenue. (They take a percentage).

2.) Respond to all reviews, not just the negative ones. Responding to reviews can help boost the odds that you’ll get a higher ranking in the site’s search results.

3.) Advertise on YELP. This is helpful because of the perks it adds to your business page. When you advertise with YELP you can add videos, larger photos AND no ads (including competitor’s) can run on your page.

4.) Ask patients/guests/customers to write a review. Though YELP discourages this practice, it is widely known to perk-up a business’s ranking. The most effective way to ask for a review is at the “point-of-purchase locations.” Basically, a plaque at the front desk asking customers to write a review on YELP works best.

5.) Check to see if good, positive reviews are being filtered out by YELP’s algorithms. If you see that there are some good reviews are not appearing in your company’s reviews – look through your business page metrics – reach out to the reviewer and ask him to fill out his profile more completely and perhaps add more reviews. Incomplete profiles, like ones without photos, sometimes get filtered out as spam.