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Tweet this article Click To TweetI recently spoke at the OCPRSA luncheon, The Virtual Power of Parenting Media and Influencers. I was looking forward to spending half an hour instructing (READ: bossing) PR folks on how to work with Mom Influencers. Here is some of the info I shared.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Pitching to Mom Bloggers (or Influencers)

Do familiarize yourself with her content. Spend time reading her blog to understand the power of her influence
Do build a relationship with her via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest prior to pitching her a story
Don’t connect with a general pitch, instead pitch a specific storyline based on influencer’s interests and strengths
Do include relative links, hashtags and photos!
Don’t call her a “mommy blogger”

Do be clear on what your expectations are of her. Create a simple contract to make sure there are no misunderstandings about what they will be doing for you.
Don’t send a traditional press release attached to an email. We hate that! Create a Tip Sheet instead.6a00e5508eeefd883301bb07a2919b970d
Do create content that is easy to share on all platforms. A pre-made graphics are the best way to control your message and create easily shareable content. This is my best tip. When pitching to Mom Bloggers send them something they can easily share.