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SSM Direct Message

Using Instagram Direct makes it easy to send messages, photos and videos to individuals or groups (up to 15 people), but it’s tricky to find the message feature if you don’t know to look. In my opinion this feature isn’t intuitive. Here is a step-by step to help you navigate to it.

Once you’ve learned how to use it take advantage of this sometimes untapped resource for businesses and brands. It’s a place to connect directly with your fans or customers — privately. This makes the connection more real and authentic. Use it to offer exclusive deals or experiences. Use it to take comments out of the public eye to resolve conflict or give specific information requested by an individual in the comment section. There are a whole host of great marketing opportunities waiting — you just need to find them! Here’s how to get there:

For reasons only known to Instagram developers, you can’t get to Instagram Direct messaging on your profile page. That would be the logical place to look.

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To go to the inbox on Instagram you’ll need to go to the home page by clicking on the home icon. You will see an icon at the top right that looks like an old school inbox. If there is a new message an orange number will appear (denoting how many new messages you have). Click on that to get to the inbox.



From here, users can start group chats or reach out to individual Instagramers.



Users can “unsend” or erase individual texts within their messages. They can also delete messages or group chats with no record left behind of the conversation.

An Instagram user can send anyone a message if their account is not marked as “private,” even if they aren’t following them. So this means someone can message to your teen even if they don’t know them.

If you regularly check your kid’s text you can now add Instagram messaging to your routine. Next up … Snapchat!