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So you want PR companies and brands to come calling when they have paid engagements and influencer events? There are some some things you can do to help boost your chances of getting that gig you have been waiting for.

After years and years of working with bloggers and writers I have honed down the most prevalent traits of successful bloggers. Pretty simple stuff, but you’d be surprised how many bloggers don’t follow these 5 rules

1.) Meet the deadlines requested by the brands. If they didn’t provide specific deadlines posting in a timely manner is a good idea.

2.) Use the provided style guidelines, hashtags and proper tagging when sharing your posts. If the brand doesn’t provide a solid Tip Sheet with these specifics be sure that ask. If they do provide specific wording or tagging it’s because it’s important to them and their brand’s culture. Do your best to follow along.

3.) Send your coverage — along with links — via email when you send your invoice. This is extremely helpful! Doing this will not only ensure all of your work is seen by the PR company it eliminates a lot of work for them once it’s time to put together their reporting.

4.) Send a “thank you” email. It’s just a nice thing to do.

5.) Continue to be a fan of the PR company’s client or the brand. This one is missed by a lot of influencers but it benefits you AND the brand to continue to give a little social love to companies you have worked for in the past.